May 31, 2018

Whenever I tell people that I am working on getting a book published, I get varied answers. Some people are excited. Some people are impressed that I even have a novel written. Others are skeptical that I’ll even be able to get anyone to read it. And there are those that continually tell me that it isn’t going to work out and that I should look into a different line of work. I’ve gotten lots of reactions. Some seem honest and genuine. Others I know are saying good luck and thinking that this is a pipe dream. Few consider me to be a real author.

Why? Because I haven’t published a book yet. And yes, that may be true. I am technically not a published author. I mean, I have a poem published in a poetry book, but I wrote that in fourth grade. I also have a hard copy of a version of the Emperor’s New Clothes that I wrote (and illustrated!) in second grade. I have articles for a student newspaper published online. But I don’t have a widely distributed published book. That’s just how it is. For now.

Even though I’m not a published author, I am still an author. I have written SO many stories. I have developed hundreds of characters. Every day ideas for books are flowing through my head. I’m even the author of this blog. But until I have a publisher and you can see a copy of my book on your shelf, I won’t be taken seriously by anyone save my closest friends and family (who I appreciate immensely for their support.)

Then why write if no one takes you seriously? Well I love it. That’s the honest and simple answer. I love to write. I’ve been doing it since I was small. My friends and I came up with this fantasy/myth/adventure story about a centaur and a rabbit. I illustrated it, we wrote a couple of chapters about how the rabbit got captured by a hunter because of the magical fur and the centaur had to rescue it. I still have the notebook somewhere. In the end, we couldn’t agree on what would happen next and it was abandoned. I think I was 7 at the time.

When I was 10, my father gave me a computer for my birthday. It was a really old computer. One of those rainbow mac books from the late 90s. I think it might have been older than me. I loved it because it could do two things: It could play old retro games like “The Adventures of Doctor Brain,” “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and “Oregon Trail.” It also had a word processing application. With this computer I started working on a couple of projects. One was a version of Sleeping Beauty meets time travel and the Aztecs. Basically back in Aztec times there was a princess, a Wizard wanted to marry her, she refused, he locked her in a necklace and threw her into a nearby lake. Fast forward to the future and two kids on vacation find the necklace at the bottom of the lake, open it, and are transported back in time, freeing the princess. Then they have to sneak into the Wizard’s castle and steal something that will allow them to get back to the future. I might still do something with that. Who knows?

So…until I run out of ideas, I’m going to write. Hopefully once I find a publisher they actually like what I have. But that’s another question for another day.

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