Concept Art and Meeting the Main Characters!

November 10, 2020

There is nothing quite like seeing all of your characters come to life through some concept art. And there’s nothing like sitting down for a couple of hours and hashing out some ideas for what your characters might look like. For this week’s blog, I’m taking it easy, and introducing you to my main characters from my book Constantine Capers: The Pennington Perplexity.

For a bit of context here is the book blurb:

You wouldn’t expect a detective with Sherlockian deductive skills to have amnesia, but Byron Constantine is hardly the detective you’d expect.

London 1888

Aspiring artist Mira Blayse isn’t concerned with upper-tier society or conforming to Victorian expectations—she has a murder to solve. At least, she thinks it was murder. Her parents’ deaths in 1870 couldn’t have been by accident, but the more she investigates, the less she seems to find. Sitting at a café, she sketches a mysterious stranger, not realizing that she’s penciling in the features of the man who will help her solve the case once and for all.

Byron Constantine lives day-to-day, desperately trying to hold onto his memories, only for them to slip through his fingers. Some days, he doesn’t even know that he’s lost four years of his life. As he manages to continue his work as a private detective, he realizes that maybe he doesn’t need his memory after all. That is until he wants to remember Mira Blayse.

With her keen eye for detail and his remarkable deductive skills, the two become entangled in a criminal investigation. As they uncover the secrets of the past, they must work together to stop history from repeating itself again.

untitled artwork

I suppose the first piece of concept art is a potential cover idea that I created for the book. I was inspired by the Art Nouveau style in one of my classes and decided I wanted to try it out. It ended up more like a stained glass window though. The front shows more of the mystery and the historical setting, while the back alludes to the romance. I’m still not sold on the colors, but for a first try at a book cover, I’m pretty pleased. Granted, this isn’t the actual cover of my book.

hat fan watch

This is actually my very first piece of concept art that I ever drew for this book. I remember drawing this in my dorm in Italy at the tail end of my study abroad. It’s a visualization of my two characters and the underlying conflict. Byron’s tophat, Mira’s fan, and a watch to show Byron’s memory loss. I still love how it all looks together.

untitled artwork

And now onto the characters! This is Byron Constantine, a private detective with short term memory loss. Every day he wakes up and can’t remember the day before. He’s managed to solve over 40 cases despite that. He’s 27 years old, has an impeccable sense of style, and plays the piano. Another fun fact is that this is the first time I’ve drawn a guy and actually had it turn out decent. How did he end up with short term memory loss? Well, even he doesn’t know.

untitled artwork 1

This is Mira Blayse, an artist and accidental non-conformist. It’s not her fault that her hair doesn’t stay styled. While she’s shy and prone to blush, she isn’t afraid to go out of her comfort zone to find the truth. She’s 22 years old, has a twin, is ambidextrous, and has an unhealthy love of French toast. She’s also never flown on a dirigible, but maybe that will change.

img 6382

Here’s another version of Mira. The wallpaper in the background is actually an image overlay of the wallpaper in Jane Austen’s house. I also tend to draw Mira in purple, and I don’t know why.

And those are the pieces of concept art I have so far for this book! Let me know what you think by sending me a message through my newsletter!

Also, if you are interested in getting an advanced reader copy of my book, or of any of the Immortal Work’s newest acquisitions, check out the link here!

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