And the Results are In!

December 07, 2020

You know…going into November I thought that I had Nanowrimo in the proverbial bag. I found time to write 2000 words every day, sometimes even more than that, for about a week. It was invigorating and incredibly fulfilling.

I’m not sure where or why things went wrong. It could have been when I started working at the Space Center again. Our Planetarium opened up, and in a strange twist of fate, I’m running Planetarium shows now. Eight-year-old Natalie would be floored by that prospect. But that does mean that my evenings are significantly less free than they would be otherwise.

It could be the increase in end of semester shenanigans including papers and projects. I’ve been so busy writing about YA literature, Batman, and Kierkegaard that I haven’t had the creative juices to write anything else.

In the end, I wrote almost 15,000 words last month, which is at least three times more words than each of the previous months this year. All in all, I’m proud of my progress even if I didn’t hit my goal entirely. I still have 15,000 words under my belt. And I’ve proved that if I really wanted to, I could write 2000 words every day. By my math, that means that theoretically, I could write a book every two months with a bit of wiggle room. Not bad.

Anywho. This also explains why I haven’t done a blog post these last few weeks. I’m hoping that I can get back on that bandwagon as well. I have three papers to finish this week and a couple of finals next week, but I should be right on track to get back to this blogging thing again. What kinds of topics should I explore next?

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